Product Warranty

The warranty period is the period during which the customer, having discovered a shortage of goods, has the right to require the seller or manufacturer to take measures to eliminate the defect. The seller must eliminate the defects if it is not proved that they arose as a result of violations by the buyer of the operating rules.

At what point does the warranty begin?

  • from the moment of transfer of the goods to the consumer, if the contract does not specify;
  • if it is not possible to establish the day of purchase, then the guarantee goes from the time of manufacture;
  • for seasonal goods, the guarantee goes from the moment the season begins;
  • when ordering goods from an online store, the warranty begins on the day of delivery.

1.Warranty period
Subject to the provisions of the Warranty Policy Terms and Conditions set forth herein, the Purchaser shall receive via mail the warranty on ordering from the platform online for the period of 1 / 3 / 6 / 12 / 24 / 36 months, as per the publication of the tariff for the product purchased.

2.Limited Warranty
The guarantee described herein is only valid for brand products marketed by Cybersolutiononline Eshop Ltd, (hereinafter referred to as “the Product”).Cybersolutiononline Eshop Ltd guarantees the Buyer the absence of material or manufacturing defects in all Products. This warranty is valid for the period indicated in Item 1 of this document, corresponding to the Products reflected in the purchase agreement entered into by you. If during the warranty period a product does not function as provided above, Cybersolutiononline Eshop Ltd will replace or repair, as appropriate, free of charge, the defective Product covered by the applicable warranty policy and the terms and conditions of the warranty policy described below.

3.Terms and conditions
oCybersolutiononline Eshop Ltd’s warranty applies only to the Purchaser. If the Purchaser returns any of the Products covered by this guarantee in accordance with point 4 and within the guarantee period indicated in this policy, and after having submitted it for examination Cybersolutiononline Eshop Ltd determines that it does not fulfil the purpose indicated in the guarantee, Cybersolutiononline Eshop Ltd shall choose to repair or replace the defective Product or component thereof or to refund its purchase price to the Purchaser.oAgents, distributors or representatives are not authorized to change, modify or extend any aspect of the terms of the limited warranty on behalf of Cybersolutiononline Eshop Ltd.oThis limited warranty is only valid when the Product has been properly connected and installed, and is operating at the electrical values, operating range and environmental conditions specified in the specifications, application guidelines, IEC standards or other documents supplied with the Products. If a Product is determined to be defective or does not work according to the specifications of the same, the Purchaser must notify Cybersolutiononline Eshop Ltd in writing.

o In the event of faults or defects in obsolete or discontinuedproducts, Cybersolutiononline Eshop Ltd will replace saidproduct with another one of equal conditions, when theBuyer has previously made the claim in accordance withthe provisions of Point 4 of this document.

o This warranty does not apply if the damage or malfunction iscaused by force majeure or by any misuse, misuse,abnormal use or use in violation of applicable regulations,codes or instructions, including but not limited to the mostrecent safety, industrial and/or electrical regulations in forcein the relevant regions.

o The present guarantee will lose all its validity in the eventthat persons not duly authorised by CybersolutiononlineEshop Ltd and in writing carry out any type of repair ormodification of the Products. The date of manufacture of theproduct must be clearly and legibly marked.Cybersolutiononline Eshop Ltd reserves the right to takethe final decision on the validity of any warranty claim.

o On request, Cybersolutiononline Eshop Ltd will be theowner of the defective or non-conforming products immediately after they have been replaced.