Hikvision Wireless External Sounder RED Beacon

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The Hikvision DS-PS1-E-WE is a wireless external siren that is designed to be used with the AX PRO alarm system. It features Tri-X wireless protocol, multiple enrolment methods, two-way wireless communication and strobe light indication. The siren sounds at 110 dB to and can be set at 3 distinct sounds to denote fire alarm, panic alarm and intruder alarm.


The DS-PS1-E-WE can be fully configured and controlled with the Hik-Connect app and has AES-128 encryption and frequency hopping to provide a secure and reliable signal.

Available in red or blue.


  • 868 MHz two-way wireless communication
  • 3 years battery life span (triggered every two weeks and alerting 90 s for each triggering)
  • AES-128 encryption
  • Front and rear panel tamper-proof
  • 3 kinds of alarm sounds: fire alarm, panic alarm, and intrusion alarm
  • Buzzer Decibel: 110 dB
  • Fully remote configurable through App
  • Multiple enrolment methods and easy installation design
  • Frequency hopping against jamming for reliable transmission
  • IP65 protective level