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GPS Tracker for Vehicules,Kids,Lugguage,Elders,Equipment


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Real-time tracking
Historical route playback
SOS alarm & push-button calling
Talking clock
Fall alarm
Vibrate on Ring for incoming call remind
Two-way audio communication
Mute automatic answering calls for voice monitor
Low battery & SIM card change reminders


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  • Real- time Tracking: The latest reported position is shown in the map, to renew the location, user can press the refresh button on the top right coiner, in about 1 minute, the position will be renewed.
  • Fall Alarm: To turn on/off fall alarm function, When turnedon, the device will make alarm sounds if falling down, The device holder can cancel the alarm in 15 sec by pressing any button. If no any operation within 15 sec, the device will send alarm SMS to the Apples platform and main monitoring number.
  • Two way Talk: Push to talk mode: Any the preset number dialing the device number, only after the user press the button, then you just can speaker to the device user, Press key 1 and S will answer the incoming call, press power key will refuse the incoming call.
  • Low Battery Alarm: When the battery is less than 10%, it will send SMS notifications to master contacts. Set or cancel Wifi- fence area, when GPS tracker get into or get out the WiFI area, it will remind you via Apps.
  • SIM Changing Alarm: If someone want to change the SIM card of the device, it will send alarm information to master number. SOS Alarm: Key 1 SOS on the device for emergent calls.
  • Imported from UK (Sizes & Specifications are based on the UK Market).

1. Real-time tracking 2. Historical route playback
3. Geo-fence
4. SOS alarm & push-button calling
5. Talking clock
6. Fall alarm
7. Vibration on Ring for incoming call reminding
8. Two-way audio communication
9. Mute automatic calls answering for voice monitor
10. Low battery & SIM card change reminders

1. Model: Tracker
2. 2G GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
3. GPRS: standard
4. Class 12, TCP/IP
5. GPS positioning accuracy: 10-15m/32.81- 49.21ft (under the
open sky)
6. Wifi Positioning accuracy: 15-100m/49.21-328.08ft
7. Battery: Built-in,400mAh
8. GSM/GPS Antenna: built-in design
9. Standby time: GSM standby for about 300 hours (GPS
closed),about 12 days
10. GPS standby for 60 hours (10 minutes interval between
11. Working temperature: -20 ~ +70?
12. Working humidity: 5% ~ 95% RH
13. Positioning time:
Cold start 30 Sec
Warm start 29 Sec
Host start 5 Sec
14. Host size: about 40.5*43.3*13.8mm/1.59 * 1.70 * 0.54in